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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Charlie [veitch] and the Terrorist Factory

Blog Hijacked: The Death of The Love Police
Posted by: Charlie | Category: Blog | Date: 4th August, 2011 (12:24am)
Dear Readers,
This is not Charlie. This is the person that knows him better than anyone else.
I felt I needed to tell you all the truth about Charlie, especially since so many of you donated to fund his lifestyle. Please read carefully, save it, repost it if you like. He will delete this blog as soon as he sees it. He has a strong distaste for the truth.
Charlie preached in the streets about love and truth – but these are two values which he does not hold for himself. The majority of those in the government, and in the police force, are better human beings than Charlie is.
Charlie is not hired by MI5, or a paid ‘shill’. The truth is dirtier than that. Put simply, Charlie is a liar and a cheat. He never once practiced what he preached.
He tried to tell you all that his girlfriend, aged 20, was his ‘goddess’ – he came across like a family man, a loving man, an aspirational figure. In reality, he was very, very dark.
He admits that he cheated on every girlfriend that he ever had, from short term to the most serious long term relationships – but when he started the Love Police, he said he realised how wrong this was, and that he was a changed man. This was a sick veneer. At the time, he was cheating on his new girlfriend – the woman you knew to be the other half of the Love Police. The one that tirelessly campaigned to get him out of jail every time he was arrested. We don’t need to go into too much detail – the cheating was continuous, diverse, and relentless.
However – last year, in the honeymood period of his new relationship, he made a video called ‘Jasmine and the Morning Star’ [], featuring a 15 year old girl. Many of you voiced your concerns about the nature of the filming – it seemed perverted and almost paedophilic. You were right. Luckily, this girl’s mother was a bit wise to him, and accompanied the child to his flat in London, unexpected by him. He tried grooming her nevertheless, whispering to her that they had a special ‘connection’ and so on, but he could not make his sexual move in front of her mother. He had wanted her alone. He finally did get her alone, when the poor girl was only 16 years old. He got her very drunk, took her to his home, and slept with her despite her initial protests, and despite him apparently being in love with his ‘goddess’. Afterwards, the child went to the bathroom to be sick, and called a friend who luckily collected her. The story gets worse. The next day, she was very upset and told her mother. Her 40 year old mother confessed that she too, had been taken out by Charlie, and that he had also slept with her when she was too drunk to know what she was doing – just the night before he slept with her 16 year old child. Yes. I feel incredibly sick too.
He has today posted new videos that he has made with this child. [ ?] The girl realises now that filming with him again was a mistake, and would like all footage of herself removed. He makes her feel uncomfortable and unsafe. She is aware of his dark, ulterior motives. It is not the first time Charlie has used children. When he was in his early 20s, he had a secret ‘relationship’ with a 14 year old schoolgirl.
Charlie was on a huge ego trip and was prepared to break young, innocent hearts along the way. He cheated with anyone he could get his hands on. He cheated on his ‘goddess’ at every festival he was stupidly given free tickets too – from ‘Sunrise’, to (ironically) ‘TruthJuice’, whilst his girlfriend was taking her university exams. Anyone that knows his ex-girlfriend knows that she devoted herself to him fully, giving pure, true love and dedication – but receiving only deceit in return.
He and this long term girlfriend started living together after the torture of the royal wedding arrest. We all know that she achieved mainstream coverage of the arrest, speaking to broadsheets and broadcasters as big as the BBC, to try to help Charlie. But whilst she was away, he actually cheated on her with their new flatmate who was, again, drunk, initially protested, and who was vulnerable having just come out of a 5 year relationship.
She was suspicious and would often ask if he was being loyal. He lied, and apparently continues to lie, and refuses to apologise. Only he knows how many other people he used, and cheated on her with.
His ‘goddess’ saw that he needed professional help, and offered guidance and forgiveness – but he chose to stay the dark and evil man that he is. Now that the truth has come out about the young girl he was grooming since 15, I know she would not forgive him or love him anyway. Paedophilia is the darkest of all evil. They never change.
Many of you have been dismayed not just by his change of mind about 9/11, but moreover by the treatment of his viewers concerning this change of mind. Now you know that he NEVER was about truth, or love – his whole entertainment of you was a lie. The BBC3 programme features a man of disgrace. He was simply lapping up the attention and donations you gave him, at a loose end after being made redundant in the city. So now, I say, the Love Police is dead. You should all:
Unsubscribe from this blog.
Unsubscribe from his Youtube.
Delete him on Facebook.
Don’t load him with more hate, and certainly not praise – simply ignore him.
And Charlie – take down your Youtube channel. For all of our sake, don’t make anymore videos.
You are a shameful man. You need to seek professional help, and then come back to the people you betrayed and used, and apologise. The truth hurts but it is for the best. You keep convincing yourself that you are a wonderful person, but maybe now that the world knows the truth, you will also be able to look yourself in the mirror and realise what you are and how much hurt you have given those you loved most. You are a liar, a pervert, a fraud, and a cheat.
You used a young, vulnerable child for sex, whilst pretending to be something you are not – she, and her mother, deserve an apology. You took donations from people whilst pretending to be something you are not – they ALL deserve an apology. Finally, your ‘goddess’ donated her whole world, youth, and heart to you, whilst you pretended to be someone you are not – she deserves a sincere apology.
Finally, I apologise sincerely that it came to this. But no more can I witness hero worship, and donations, for a fraudulent man, on a fraudulent basis. There are children dying of disease and starvation that could do with those thousands of pounds we spent on him, to keep them breathing.
I learned that many ‘truthseekers’ in fact thrive on lies. But I maintain that the truth, and love, are the most important values in the world. And I write this only out of truth and love. Sometimes, karma needs help on its way.


CHARLIE VEITCH ( Love Police ), Reafirmando a La Diosa: Cómo la Humanidad puede poner a la Máquina en su sitio from La Caja de Pandora on Vimeo.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Los medios callan los terremotos del 15 de septiembre de 2011

Será que no les cuadraba dentro de sus cálculos de gematría...
Descarado silencio de los medios de comunicación acerca de la intensa actividad sísmica que hubo ayer en varias partes del mundo: Un terremoto de 6.0 en Cuba, de 7+ en las islas Fiji, otros más de 6 en Japón y en Nueva Zelanda, no digamos otros muchos de 5 y 4 en China, Canadá, Afganistán y que la isla del Hierro ha estado temblando. Estamos ante un record de movimientos sísmicos en un sólo día pero la gente se entera sólo por internet o viviéndolo en vivo. Nada en los titulares y la televisión da algunos detalles locales pero no lo relaciona con lo que está pasando en el mundo:

Hoy, viendo los gráficos parece que va a seguir habiendo este patrón de terremotos por todo el mundo. Se están registrando en las últimas horas movimientos frecuentes en el centro del Atlántico, del Pacífico, en la costa de Estados Unidos. Todos nos preguntamos si esto va a ir a más pero los científicos nos informan de que esto siempre fue así y que no hay nada inusual, a pesar de que nosotros sumando dos más dos nos da como resultado más terremotos de lo habitual.

Como los medios están callando y como el mundo no se entiende con un idioma (no todos saben inglés, castellano, chino, árabe...) el boca a boca tarda en llegar, la desinformación es general y enterarse de cómo está la gente viviendo estos movimientos es casi imposible si no fuese por los foros y los blogs así como por los vídeos que se suben a Youtube.

No estamos preparados para lo inevitable en la Naturaleza pero si un día nos sorprende una mayor incomunicación que la que hay actualmente, la caída de Internet, nos arrepentiremos de no haber aprovechado el tiempo para inventarnos otro medio de comunicación alternativo al que controlan las élites.

Los medios callan, las élites callan, pero, ¿y los demás? Desde mi punto de vista este es el "talón de Aquiles" de la Humanidad. Para evolucionar frente a la tiranía absurda o enferma tiene que haber un entendimiento común, un código común y sólo entonces se puede intentar a empezar a planificar o actuar desde un medio de comunicación alternativo o hacer que el actual, los periodistas dejen de ser enemigos de las personas.

Gracias a Supercedure por dejarnos subir opiniones. Animaros los demás también.



English translation:

This time, it seems that the date didn't quite match with their gematria calculations (9, 11,...)
The intense seismic activity that took place yesterday in different parts of the world has been blatantly silenced by the mainstream media: a 6.0 earthquake in Cuba, a 7.3 in Fiji Islands, 6.0+ in Japan, New Zealand, 5. in China, 4. in Canada, Afganistan and on the canary islands El Hierro has been shaking throughout the week.

In only one day, we have "witnessed" a record number of earthquakes but people only learns about this through Internet or due to the fact they are experiencing them 'in situ'. There is not a single mention on the front pages, just a few local television channels have given some accounts in relation to particular cases but they fail to show a broader picture:
Here there is a video in spanish about the canary island El Hierro (obviously not from the Spanish mainstream media), they say something about preparing people for the future eventualities although nothing to worry about for now.

If we look today at the USGS seismograms it seems that these movements are going to continue with the same pattern as theones yesterday. In the last few hours, frecuent earthquakes have been detected in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the United States (3.8 in New Mexico few minutes ago), Philipines, more than 5.0...Everybody is concerned as
to whether this is increasing or not, but scientist just keep saying there's nothing unusual.

Because of the media blackout and the fact that people cannot communicate in more than one language (not everybody can speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic at the same time) the oral transmision is slow, disinformation is the general rule and it is really difficult to know anything about how people are experiencing all these quakes. It would be impossible if it were not because of the forums, blogs and some videos on Youtube.

We are never prepared enough for what it seems to be inevitable, nature, but if we ever find ourselves even more isolated than today, for example if Internet fails, we will regret not having invented an alternative way of communication.

The media and the elite seem to abide by the omertá, but what about the masses? From my point of view this is humanity's "Achilles heel". If we want evolution vs. elite's absurd and sick tyrany we must find a better way of understanding, a common code; until then we cannot make plans. Journalists now have become our worst enemies.

Thanks to Supercedure for letting us post our personal opinions. Come on people, don't hesitate and publish your opinions here, same as me.